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The Struggle and Resurgence of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was introduced in the Unites States dating back 1825 by several physicians that came from Europe; this started some of the enlightened American doctors to be converted to homeopathic practice. This was the start of homeopathic education as schools were slowly adapting to teach this principle of medicine as homeopathic organizations were also formed.


Homeopathy in the 1800’s

The New England Female Medical College, a medical school in the United States that first started the admission of women, was one of several known colleges that taught homeopathy during the mid-1800’s. Statistics showed that there were around 22 homeopathic medical colleges, and the ratio of one to five doctors were already practicing this medical principle by the end of that century. Sadly though, general medical practice as we know it now, pushed the success of homeopathy onto background with the introduction of microscopic bacteria as a cause of disease.

Homeopathy at the turn of the century

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association educational number, homeopathic practices began to wilt and fade—many of the homeopathic schools left were poor ones. By the year 1905 their graduates grew fewer in number than in any year since 1880. In 1907, there were but seventeen homeopathic schools left; in 1908, but sixteen; in 1909, fourteen; in 1912, ten; in 1915, eight; in 1921, five; and in 1925, there remained but two, and one of these carried a low classification.

All of those numbers summed up during 1923, there were only forty-nine homeopathic graduates and by the late 1940’s, courses in homeopathy were no longer offered by medical colleges in the United States. Although the United States experienced these downfalls in the early years of existence of homeopathy, other nations, including countries in Europe and Asia, were experiencing the growth of homeopathic teachings and interest.

Homeopathy today

At the present, homeopathy is experiencing a resurgence that has significantly risen since the beginning of this century.

In fact, nearly all pharmacies sell homeopathic remedies and medicines in France today; homeopathy is a particularly well-known medicine principle in Russia, Switzerland, India, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, and South America.

Presently, it is noted that approximately 3,000 other health professionals in the U.S. use homeopathic medicines. This includes the dentists, psychologists, acupuncturists, veterinarians, nurses, naturopaths, and chiropractors.