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Will Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia?

Do you know that experiencing sleep problems can have severe consequences on your health?

That’s why many people take melatonin as it promotes healthy sleep-wake cycles. This is primarily because poor sleep comes with numerous problems including low energy that lowers your productivity and increases health risks like diabetes and blood pressure problems.

An overview of this marvel hormone – melatonin

Human bodies derive this hormone from serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and tryptophan (an amino acid). Melatonin functions in harmony with the following two protein receptors:

  • MT1
  • MT2

These receptors regulate different phases of sleep. While MT1 controls REM sleep or deep sleep, MT2 is responsible for the sleeping stage that proceeds to dream. Since these molecules exist in numerous immune cells and organs, it suggests that melatonin can control the immune system functioning and other systems as well.

Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia
Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia


Getting the Human Body to Sleep Naturally

What is it that causes the human body to sleep after a long day’s work?

Our bodies have an inbuilt clock which sends indications to the brain centre to secrete sleep-inducing hormones that cause us to rest. These signals are sent when light levels in the external environment cease, which is during the evening.

This mechanism of signalling the brain and the secretion of the hormone is called circadian rhythm. The hormone so secreted is called melatonin. Since pineal glands in the brain centre begin secreting this hormone during the evening, when you buy melatonin in the uk it is also called the ‘Vampire hormone’. And like vampires, this hormone disappears during the day.

However, natural melatonin secretion might get disrupted owing to some reasons, like, irregular schedules. Therefore, one can resort to the taking of melatonin supplements under proper medical supervision.

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