Homeopathic Consultation and Prescription

You might be wondering what is a homeopathic consultation all about or what do you do when you visit a homeopath?

During a homeopathic consultation, the practitioner asks several questions to the patient while attentively listening to every detail that the patient is providing.

The homeopath asks the patient certain questions about what food he/she likes to eat, what is the posture during sleep, how much do you sweat, about dreams etc.

Homeopathy Consultation

Homeopathy – understanding the individual as a whole

This process enables the homeopath to understand that individual as a whole, determining what it is it that makes him unique from the others, and what sets him apart from the others with similar symptoms or disease.


Treatments For Rheumatoid Arthritis Information

Alternative medicine treatments for rheumatoid arthritis tips

The person will also be asked about their diet, any stresses in his life, as well as what type of exercise routine he is in. Each person’s treatment plan will be different, but there are general areas that are covered to achieve health through alternative medicine. Once all of these assessment points have been gathered, then the practitioner is able to make a diagnosis and begin to prescribe the treatment plan that is specific to that individual’s needs.

You can use such medicines to get temporary relief from your stiff as well as aching joints by using fifteen drops of rosemary oil along with the same number of drops of German or Roman chamomile oil and another ounce of soybean oil that should be applied together to the parts of your joints that are affected by osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Homeopathy v.s. Conventional Medicine

You might ask, how does the concept of homeopathy differ from that of conventional medicine? Let us say that in common medicine, it attempts to take away the symptoms to prevent the disease whereas homeopathy attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. To begin with, let us imagine that any symptom, no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasing it is, is the representation of the body’s attempt to restore itself to health.

Traditional medicine lets us interpret symptoms as something that is wrong with the body that must be set right; in homeopathy, they are signs of the way our body is attempting to heal itself. So instead of attempting to stop the cough with suppressants as the conventional way of medicine, a homeopath will register an herbal medicine that causes a cough in a healthy person, thus stimulating the body to try to restore itself.

homeopathic vs conventional medicine


Treating Degenerative Disorders with Alternative Medice

Minors and degenerative disorders

It has been discovered that minors with degenerative considerations such as cystic fibrosis, attention deficit disorder, asthma, dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis have higher dietary supplement use or consume alternative cancer medicine more than children without these conditions.

Young individuals have comfortable admittance to dietary supplementations or alternative cancer medicine that take to boost weight loss or raise acrobatic accomplishment, functioning at school, or physical appearing or even forbid cancer. Constitution of an alternative medicine healing and the foods that it has can be ascertained in several fruits in their natural-like.

Degenerative Disorders


Will Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia?

Do you know that experiencing sleep problems can have severe consequences on your health?

That’s why many people take melatonin as it promotes healthy sleep-wake cycles. This is primarily because poor sleep comes with numerous problems including low energy that lowers your productivity and increases health risks like diabetes and blood pressure problems.

An overview of this marvel hormone – melatonin

Human bodies derive this hormone from serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and tryptophan (an amino acid). Melatonin functions in harmony with the following two protein receptors:

  • MT1
  • MT2

These receptors regulate different phases of sleep. While MT1 controls REM sleep or deep sleep, MT2 is responsible for the sleeping stage that proceeds to dream. Since these molecules exist in numerous immune cells and organs, it suggests that melatonin can control the immune system functioning and other systems as well.

Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia
Melatonin Help Your Health and Insomnia


The Struggle and Resurgence of Homeopathy

Homeopathy was introduced in the Unites States dating back 1825 by several physicians that came from Europe; this started some of the enlightened American doctors to be converted to homeopathic practice. This was the start of homeopathic education as schools were slowly adapting to teach this principle of medicine as homeopathic organizations were also formed.


Homeopathy in the 1800’s

The New England Female Medical College, a medical school in the United States that first started the admission of women, was one of several known colleges that taught homeopathy during the mid-1800’s. Statistics showed that there were around 22 homeopathic medical colleges, and the ratio of one to five doctors were already practicing this medical principle by the end of that century. Sadly though, general medical practice as we know it now, pushed the success of homeopathy onto background with the introduction of microscopic bacteria as a cause of disease.


Alternative Medicine Information

Alternative Medicine Tips

The questions will cover things like the patient’s diet and exercise plans so that the practitioner can determine if these things are correct for the body type of the individual. If not, part of the alternative medicine natural health plan for that patient will include a diet and exercise change.

In fact, many states get their guidelines from the NCCAOM’s recommendations and standards of licensing. This website has a list of certified practitioners in oriental medicine, allowing individuals to find alternative medicine clinics in their area. This organization, although privately run, is considered a valid national certification organization in the field by most states.

Alternative Medicine


Getting the Human Body to Sleep Naturally

What is it that causes the human body to sleep after a long day’s work?

Our bodies have an inbuilt clock which sends indications to the brain centre to secrete sleep-inducing hormones that cause us to rest. These signals are sent when light levels in the external environment cease, which is during the evening.

This mechanism of signalling the brain and the secretion of the hormone is called circadian rhythm. The hormone so secreted is called melatonin. Since pineal glands in the brain centre begin secreting this hormone during the evening, when you buy melatonin in the uk it is also called the ‘Vampire hormone’. And like vampires, this hormone disappears during the day.

However, natural melatonin secretion might get disrupted owing to some reasons, like, irregular schedules. Therefore, one can resort to the taking of melatonin supplements under proper medical supervision.

Sleep Naturally


What is Homeopathy?

In traditional medicine, symptoms are treated to be the manifestation of the disease itself. Prescription drugs are administered to the patient in order to kill the bacteria causing it or to dampen the symptoms of the said condition.

Although this is the usual way of treating diseases and is the general practice in almost every aspect of medicine, there are still other forms of medicine practiced until now with a totally different aspect of cure.

The principals of homeopathy


Using Natural Supplements for a Better Sleep

Lifestyles today are characterized by a lot of stress that makes it difficult for individuals to have enough sleep. Hectic work schedules lead to the disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm.

An interruption in this vital physiological process causes pineal glands in the brain to produce lower levels of melatonin – the sleep hormone. Subsided levels of this hormone ultimately mess up the human sleep regime. In such cases, individuals can consume external natural supplements for regularising the circulation of melatonin in their bloodstream.

Natural Supplements


A Homeopath – The Similarity to a Chef!

A homeopath is similar to a chef that actually works in a cafe or restaurant. Occasionally an onion must be peeled to reveal the lower amounts to make the actual recipe work. It is exactly what the homeopath will in his practice and it is important to understand how this functions.

Homeopaths – working their magic

The thing is, occasionally the homeopath can work their magic in one visit. Especially with acute illnesses such as a chilly or flu.

However in most cases, in which the condition is actually persistent and been around for some time.

It will require serious amounts of have it completely handled. There are times when something needs to be dealt with to determine the following problem that’s underneath.

homeopath for bronchial asthma