Homeopathy London

When did you last learn of someone dying from the use of alternative medicines?

Was it one exception in ten thousand, one in a hundred thousand, or even a million?

When did you last ever hear of someone getting sick from the use of alternative medicines?

Have you yourself ever died from the use of alternative medicines? Have you even gotten sick?

If you are the only person considering these words right now, will you be honest with yourself?

Homeopathy London

Do you, in truth, know what “alternative remedies” are, and what they do, and how they work?

Alternative medicines means alternative to any substance or treatment that could cause, death, injury, or worse.

No scientifically honest human being can deny that alternative medicines are safer than pharmaceuticals.

If something in the natural world of putatively alternative medicines only works half of the time, it is considered by the scientific community to be utterly and unstintingly unacceptable.

Science does, however, accept cancer treatments with less than five percent efficiency.

You know that so called “conventional treatment” for cancer is anything but conventional?

One hundred times of one hundred, it is invasive, and does risk the death of the patient.
That’s a medical fact of law, and you do not need more than a minute to confirm this.
Alternative medicines are nothing less and nothing more than a tool for you to use.

Drugs and alternative medicines do not physically cure or heal us

Substances, even drugs and alternative medicines do not physically cure or heal us; they can only help us to help our bodies, to help ourselves return to good health.

Those of us who look like the children of our peers understand enough to share.

Throughout each of the pages you find here about alternative medicines, etc. You will find a strand of knowledge that comes from those who, well, know.

Those who do it the best have proof of knowing it best among all of us. We are smart when we pay attention to those doing it better than us.

We are wiser when we hush up and do what they do, many times.

Both meanings,: what they do, and what you do, many times.

Repetition is the sweet mother of skill, thank you, T Robbins and learning to drink an ounce of organic lemon juice daily.
Remembering to stretch all your muscles once every hour, these are alternative medicines, for they work the best.

Alternative medicines are, after all, not so alternative.

Shh. Until you do it better, learn from those who do.